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Studio: international art — 25.1902

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Awards in u The Studio" Prize Competitions

in the author's time. Yet these Memorials have A WARDS (IN "THE STUDIO"
lost none of their charms. The writer's ease and /\ PRIZE COMPETITIONS. •

simplicity of style, his enthusiasm, his quick in-
telligence, absolutely compel the reader's attention ■* (A XXI.)
and sympathy. The numerous drawings by First Prize (Three Guineas) is awarded to Si;


Herbert Rail ton, Claude Shepperton, Edmund J. Espirance (Arabella Rankin, Muthill, Perthshire).

Sullivan and others, and the manner in which they Second Prize {Two Guineas) to Isca (Ethel

are reproduced in the volumes, add greatly to the Larcombej Wilton Place, Exeter).

interest and value of the edition. „,„,,. , , TT , , „,

_ „ , _ , _ T „T ... I he following have gained Honourable Mention :

Fulbeck: a Pastoral. By T. Walter West, , _ °, _ „ „

. „r. , T„ • , , . , Mod Grugog (M. Jameson, 41, Oakley Crescent,

A.R.W.S. With Illustrations by the Author. , , s,° v . „ . .. . /T), , „' T . . '

a , * w un\' w ,u Chelsea ; Myosotis Palustris Phcebe G. McLeish);

(London: A. W. Bell.) — We congratulate the , " ., . _ . ^ , /T_ '

„. . ,. , v , , , rVU Ah Shardie (A. Gascoyne); Esmond (Helen
author-artist on his delightful little book. I he

Kippen) ; Halbar (H. C. Bareham); B. M. T. C.
(C. H. Smith); Nemo (E. H. Rouse); San Toy
(J. A. Chell).

charmingly-written poem is printed in dainly, well-
designed lettering, and illustrated by some exquisite
pen s drawings. The binding and the " end-
papers" possess also a quality of distinction XIV.)
which cannot but captivate the heart of the book First Prize (Two Guineas) has been awarded
lover. to Isca (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, Exeter).



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