Studio: international art — 25.1902

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Studio- Talk

create on a broad basis, taking a new subject like There are strong men among the members of

^Esop's Fables, which lend so much to a decorative the Bijitsu-in—men who stand for the true art of

gold screen, yet remain true to the ideals of Japan, not clinging merely to old traditions, not

Sotatsu and Korin, those master decorators of deluged by the foreign wave, but loyal to the ideals,

the seventeenth century." the spirituality of art, that inspired the great old

In the other screen, The Crow with the Peacock's masters. Josephine M. Hyde.
Feathers, on the branch of a irinko tree, the crow

^Turtin tat 1^

is painted in a very original way; the yellow ginko 3 1 u 1Jl(J'1 ■rt.i-r*-

leaves are close in value and tone to the gold of the (From our own Correspondents)

screen, yet they show splendidly. Both screens W ON DON.—The recent elections at the

are strong, yet subtle in value. With all' the power Royal Academy cannot be said to have

of the great seventeenth-century masters, Kanzan much significance. Mr. Bodley, the

has an originality and a simplicity and a subtlety *—"™ architect, who has succeeded Onslow

and tenderness of values that are all his own. Ford on the roll of Academicians, is a correct and
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