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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

ment" the author tells us that the verses first accord at all well with the breadth required in such

appeared in a Paris newspaper, and that they a large panel of decorative needlework.

" achieved the execration of the brushmen in a The First Prize (Seven Guineas) has been

manner so complete, so unalloyed and perfect, as to awarded to Myosotis Palustris (Phoebe McLeish,

make me the pariah of my parish." This untoward 71, Egerton Road, Liverpool).

state of affairs probably arose from the fact that The Second Prize {Three Guineas) to Fox

Mr. Ford lacks the bump of reverence. His (F. Edith Giles, 25, Ospringe Road, St, John's

criticisms do not err on the side of lenience. College Park, London, N.W.).

They are full-blooded, forcible, pungent, sometimes ^ XXIII )

sound and well-considered, sometimes acrimonious _ „ _

j ,. . ,. . , , , . Design for a Panel in Enamels.
and undisciplined. The reader is conducted by

the versifier through various picture galleries, The FlRST Prize (TAree Guineas) has been

notably the salons of the Champs Elysees and the vvon by Nick (Mana L- Klrby> V,lla Giordano,

Champ de Mars, and the exhibitors are pilloried Cornighano Ligure, Italy).

or patted as the critic's soul dictates. For the The S";C0ND Prize ^Two Guineas) by Isca

group of painters known as the "Glasgow School" (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, Exeter),

he has nothing but eulogy. Honourable Mention is given to Tramp (David

« No group's more free of unpictorial claim- Veazey), and Brush (Percy Lancaster).

Pictorial magic is its only aim." ^

These "Scots whose rounded grace Can add a Design FQR THE CovERj 0R Front pAGE> 0F

charm to any time or place " have mastered x Christmas Card

"The Art, so little known, of Leaving Off." p;IRgT pRIZE {Three Guineas) has been

He can, however, find no word of praise for the awarded t0 West Countryman (E. H. Atwell,

" short-lived, puerile, 1 pictures of the year.' " One Barfield Cottage, Fog Lane, Didsbury).

estimable gentleman ,s told that The Secqnd Prjze {Twg Guimas) tQ hca

"The old, good rule suffices for his ken—
If at first you don't succeed, fail, fail again.

(Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, Exeter).

Designs by the following have been purchased :

An American artist is twitted with painting _3Jack Sj)mn (Marjory Parke Rhodes) . Forres

" Some posing peasant in crude colour drest /jean Mitchell) . Guinea Fig (Margaret Clayton) ;

To witch the proud pork-packers of the West." ^ Larcombe) , Meta (whose present

A lady's effort is summed up thus :- address ig required) . Meets (Mrs. A. y Whishaw);

" Her ' soulful' goats of grim metallic hue pan (r r bau) Wasflg ^ W(jsh /jj yy Koch)

On giddy mountain-tops of Reckitt's blue - . TT .

c.,, , , , . ., , I he following gain Honourable Mention:—

Still charm the crowd as when, in other days, 00

DeGoncourt gave her of his painful praise." A- J- Rose (A- Wilson Shaw); Chat Noir (A.

And so on through one hundred and ninety pages. Leate) J Chatto (Jessie Mitchell) 5 Kaa (Sybil

Apart from certain unfortunate deviations from the Barham); Nelson (C. E. Roe) ; Orthodoxy (Claire

path of good taste the book is amusing enough to

Murrell); and Rosemary (Maud T. Atkinson).

serve as entertainment for an idle hour. We must (B XVI.)

be excused, however, if we express a hope that this The FlRST pRIZE ^Two Guineas) is awarded to
new form of art-criticism may not become fashion- Orienta (Scott Calder, 3, McLaren Road, Newing-
able. ton, Edinburgh).

WARDS IN " THE STUDIO " Pbe ^EC0ND Prize (One Guinea) to Isca (Ethel
PRIZE COMPETITIONS Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter).

Honourable Mention is given to Titch (Malcolm




Sketch Design for Applique Needlework. The pIRST pRIZE (One Guinea) is won by Light

The work in this competition, apart from the " (C. E. Collings, 93 Victoria Road, Scarborough),
prize-winning design, shows but little appreciation The Second Prize (Half-a- Guinea) by Quarley

of the special needs of applique embroidery for (Bessie Stanford, Amfort, Andover, Hants),
religious purposes. Even the design by Fox, Honourable Mention is given to Cadzow (W. H.

though good in many respects, is weakened by the Lindsay); to Natur (Mrs. Caleb Keene); and to

script-hand style of the lettering, which does not Sunday Morning (J. C. Rutgers).

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