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Vienna Secession Exhibition


Little more than four
years ago everybody was
asking what that single word
"Secession," placarded on
the walls of Vienna, could
possibly mean; yet in
March the Association
opened its doors for the
thirteenth time. Things
already show signs of right-
ing themselves. One no
longer sees hanging on the
walls the ultra-secessionistic
art figures which used to
cause nothing but wonder ;
andif themodernartistshere
represented do not always
show the outward expression
of the inward struggle to
achieve something, still they
give us ground for hope.

The present exhibition
has been arranged by Kolo
<■ „ Moser. Professor of Applied

"THE SORCERESS" BY E. T. VAN HOVE iuiraa,Jiuiv,i>su rr

Art at the Vienna Imperial
Arts and Crafts Schools.

Mr. van Hove's works, with one exception Although on the whole the effect is very pleasing,

(La Vierge Inspirant les Arts), are on a small scale, one misses those " home " touches to which the

and as an exhibitor he has met with great success. Secession has accustomed us. Still we have soft and

At Barcelona, he obtained a medal of the first low old English couches in old red, and equally

class. He is President of the Royal Academy tempting armchairs, all hidden in niches, such as one

at Bruges, and has received the honour of would naturally seek for a tete-a-tete. And in niches

" Chevalier de l'ordre de Leopold." He has lately and doorways are hidden—but in such a manner as

built for himself a house at Antwerp, the interior to be seen and yet not seen—decorative glass-lamps

of which bears the impress of much of his own and pottery. All the pictures are not happily

mediaeval spirit. We heartily wish him good hung. Bocklin's Sea Idyll, for instance, " built"

luck, though we regret his departure from the into a kind of easel-stand, must needs, by the

fair city which seemed to inspire him with so prominent position it is placed in, cast shadows

much of the poetry and genius of the days that on the portraits hung " behind its back." Still,

have long since passed away. it is hard to say where the Bocklin could have

Emma L. Monypenny. been better placed, unless perhaps where the

--- light might have fallen from the side instead of

All who take an interest in etching will welcome from above. Still, this very shade serves to

the forthcoming Special Summer Number of The intensify its blues. A Triton, a seal, a mermaid

Studio, which will be devoted to a consideration of with child at her breast, and another child behind

the present aspect of the graver's art in Europe and the mother—that is all. There is, nevertheless,

America. The illustrations will be very numerous, a whole depth of fantastic poetry underlying it.

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