Studio: international art — 25.1902

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Awards in " The Studio" Prise Competitions

with the mystic bent of Germany than the close Shoda (Percy John Wright); Alt Shardie (Alexander

following of Nature of the pkin-airists. His Gascoyne); Meets (Mrs. A. Y. Whishaw) ; Jsca

principle was rather to store the memory with (Ethel Larcombe); Vere (Elsie M. P. Knight);

material for the imagination to work on, than to King Arthur (A. R. Laird); Dickens (Alfred G. T.

draw direct from Nature. What his influence Land); Nightbird (H. Reitz); Ivy (Ivy M. James);

may be is not easy to forecast; he is an inspira- Rex (Mary M. Falcon); Bloom (T. A. Cook);

tion to young Germany, yet he is one of the Yama (G. W. Mason); Archer (A. English); and

least imitable of painters. He has much in com- Taffy (,[. Staniforth).

mon with Watts—decorative treatment, idealism, ^
poetic symbolism—but he has a larger following,
for German art of to-day has made him her

As no good work has been sent in for this
competition, the prizes are withheld.

The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns. One (A XVII.)

volume. With photogravure frontispiece and title- The pIRgT pRIZE {&wn Guineas) is awarded to

page from drawings by Edmund J. Sullivan. Limp miitlnrd (Hans Reitz, 7> Wharton Road, West

lambskin, 5s. net; cloth, 2s. 6d. net.—Jte Pil- Kensington, London).

trim's Progress. By Iohn Bunyan. With illus- .

* ■=> ' i „ „. „ . The Second Prize (Three Guineas) to Pan

trations by Edmund J Sullivan Two volumes. R Wilmington Square, London, W.C.).

Limp lambskin, 3, each net.-The Complete Poems ^ Third PRIZE (Thle Guineas) has been added,

of Tohn Milton. With photogravure frontispiece . } . '■

J J , „, , T c „• ^ and given to Fits (Denis D. Inetzsimons, 17,

and t tie-page by Edmund J. Sullivan. One » . . v > "

£. . , u 1 • *- 1 <-u / Lllv * errace, Canning Road, Wealdstone, Harrow),

volume. Limp lambskin, 3.,. net; cloth, 2J. 6rf. J ' e > » /

j ^ t tj \ tl:( Honourable Mention is given to OW Awr

net. (London: George Newnes, Ltd.)—I his new . &

series of reprints of famous classics, of which the <Alfred Leete>' and Gemlm ( Appleton).

above form the vanguard, will be welcomed by (A XX.)

readers who love a well-illustrated, well-printed The Fjrst ?rizk (7>^ jg awardgd tQ

and daintily-bound volume of a s.ze, weight and ^ (gtanley Qak Lodg6; Benhil, Wood

shape suitable for carrying in the pocket. Ad
mirers of Mr. Edmund Sullivan's virile art will find

Road, Sutton, Surrey).

The Second Prize (Two Guineas) to Gleeson
him at his best in the powerful drawings con- „,..,. , „ ,7 . „ , ... ,

1 .,, . „„, (C. 1. White, "Midland," York Road, Ring's

<-_:U..<.„J ».„ i.U„ „--:„„ tU^a. „i.tmhnn " Trio \ J > ' b

tributed to the series, those illustrating " The
Pilgrim's Progress " being especially noteworthy.

Heath, Birmingham).

Honourable Mention:—Brush (Percy Lancaster);
Lang Toun (George Mitchell); Gleniffer (George

AWARDS IN "THE STUDIO" A. Johnston) ; AH Shardie (Alexander Gascoyne);
Craftsman (George Wilson) ; Jacques d'Outremer
(Jacques Housez); The Blizzard (William Hector
(A XL) Reed); Quest (E. O. Lansdowne); Sphinx (Charles

Scheme for the Encouragement of Art in A. Battie); Alcyone (A. J. Madeley); Fifer (Harry
Advertising. P. Maiden); and B. M. T. C. (C. H. Smith).

The First Prize (Twenty Guineas) has been /g XIjj ^

awarded to Kit (Charles Kingsley Cook, 14, '

Heywood Street, Bury, Lancashire). The FmST PrIZ": (0ae Gm"L'^ 18 awarded to

The Second Prize (Ten Guineas) is divided Isca (Ethel Larcombe, Wdton Place, Exeter),
between O. B. (Oscar Binder, 42, Upper Bedford th(2 Second Prize (Half-a-Guinea) to Pooscat
Place, Russell Square, London), and JVelson(Chi\r}es (Mrs- Ma F. Ellwood, 26, Cedar Road, Cricklewood,
E. Roe, 102, Hambalt Road, Clapham, S.W.). London, N.W.)

The Third Prize (Five Guineas) is divided Honourable Mention :—Isca (Ethel Larcombe);
between Pan (Fred H. Ball, 20, Wilmington Black Spean (Marjory Parker Rhodes); All Shardie
Square, London, W.C.), and Jsca (Ethel Larcombe, (Alexander Gascoyne); Brush (Percy Lancaster);
Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter). H. O. D. (Miss H. O'Donnell); Trebor (E. Robert

Honourable Mention is given to the following :— Brewer); Undine (J. Corrie Derrick); Romano
Shamrock (Miss F. H. Edgeworth Sanderson) ; (1). H. Smith) ; Alige (Alice E. Newby); Gour-
Opus (Arthur B. Waller); Romano (D. H. Smith); mand (S. Calder); and Patroclus (W. A. Stewart).

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