Studio: international art — 25.1902

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Mr. Geo. C. Haite is an artist of many gifts.
He paints vigorously, and with equal facility,
in water-colours and in oil; he works much and
well in several departments of the applied arts,
turning out skilful and popular designs for wall-
papers, textiles, leaded glass, ironwork, and wood-
work ; he writes on the subjects which give so
much exercise to his versatility, and from time to
time he lectures in public. It has been said of
him that his energy runs in too many channels,
that he does too much in too many ways ; but,
then, it is in the nature of things that an artist
should be true to his temperament, and Mr. Haite
is versatile just because he is made so by the
bent of his disposition. As some precious
stones are well-nigh uniform in colour, while
others sparkle with an iridescent play of brilliant
tones,_ so there are talents that attract us
in one way only, while others, like Mr. Haite's,
are surprisingly various in their appeal. Perhaps

Wayford Bridge, Norfolk

the most interesting part of Mr. Haite's work is
that which takes us out into the open air, and
shows us with what ease and skill and vigour
he can sketch with pencil or with brush. The
pencil sketches are particularly worth studying
because, though brought to completion with great
rapidity (the larger ones in about twenty minutes),
they have all the qualities which are useful to
artists in a record of outdoor scenes and effects.
This is a point that students of the schools
should notice and turn to their own advan-
tage. The pencil, though frequently neglected,
is an invaluable aid to those who wish, not
only to increase their freedom of handling, but
to store their memories with the facts of nature's
appearances under such atmospheric conditions
as are very fleeting in their magical effects.
It was from memory that Turner and Maris
painted some of their most subtle and beautiful
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