Studio: international art — 25.1902

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Bailey, Vernon Howe, Leaves from the Sketch Book of. Seven Illustrations..... 44

Bayes, Gilbert : A Young English Sculptor. By Walter Shaw Sparrow. Eleven Illustrations . . . 102

Bidlake, W. H. : A Birmingham Architect. By A. S. Wainwright. Sixteen Illustrations . . . 245

Country Cottage, A. By M. H. Baillie Scott. Eour Illustrations...... . 86

Cult of the Statuette, The. The Fine Art Society's Recent Exhibition. Ten Illustrations . . -275

Decorative Art in New Guinea. Part. I. By C. j. Preterms. Nine Illustrations .... 95

Elgood, George S. Some Recent Drawings of English and Continental Gardens. Twelve Illustrations . 119

Enamelling upon Metals, The Art of True. Part III. By Alexander Fisher. Eleven Illustrations . . 108

Fisher, Alexander. The Art of True Enamelling upon Metals. Part III. Eleven Illustrations . . 108

Gardens, Some Recent Drawings of English and Continental. By George S. Elgood. Twelve Illustrations 119

Giron, Charles : A Swiss Painter. By Robert Mobbs. Nine Illustrations...... 81

Haite, George C, Leaves from the Sketch Book of. Six Illustrations....... 193

Hove, Edmond Theodore van, The Art of. By Emma L. Monypenny. Six Illustrations . . .262

Illustration of the Daily Press in America. By Will Jenkins. Seven Illustrations . . 254

Italy's Private Gardens. By Dr. Romualdo Pantini. Fourteen Illustrations...... 181

Japanese Art, Notes on Contemporary. By Professor K. Okakura........ 126

Jenkins, Will. Illustration of the Daily Press in America. Seven Illustrations..... 254

Lay Figure, The.........;.....78, 154, 232, 312

Levetus, A. S. The Exhibition of the Vienna Secession. Ten Illustrations...... 267

Liverpool School of Art, Some Work by the Students of the. Nineteen Illustrations .... 170

marx, Roger. The Latest Evolution of the Medal in France. Forty-two Illustrations .... 15

Medal in Prance, The Latest Evolution of the. By Roger Marx. Forty-two Illustrations ... 15

Mobbs, Robert. A Swiss Painter: Charles Giron. Nine Illustrations....... 81

Monypenny, Emma L. . The Art of Edmond Theodore van Hove. Six Illustrations .... 262

Mourey, Gabriel. The Art of M. Lucien Simon. Thirteen Illustrations....... 157

Nippou Bijitsu-in, The Autumn Exhibition of the. The Japan Fine Arts Academy. F'iv.e Illustrations . 128

Okakura, Professor K. Notes on Contemporary Japanese Art . . - ..... 126

Pantini, Dr. Romualdo. Italy's Private Gardens. Fourteen Illustrations . . . . . . 181

Praelorius, C. J. Decorative Art in New Guinea. Parti. Nine Illustrations. . . . 95

Royal Academy and its Students' Competitions, The. Seventeen Illustrations .... 28

Scott, M. H. Baillie. A Country Cottage. Four Illustrations ........ 86

Short, Frank. By Frederick Wedmore. Eleven Illustrations......... 3

Simon, M. Lucien, The Art of. By Gabriel Mourey. Thirteen Illustrations...... 157

Singer, Dr. Hans W. A German Painter: Robert Sterl. Nine Illustrations . . . . . . 235

Sparrow, Walter Shaw. A Young English Sculptor : Gilbert Bayes. Eleven Illustrations . . . 102

Sterl, Robert: A German Painter. By Dr. Hans W. Singer. Nine Illustrations..... 235

Studio Talk. Seventy-three Illustrations. ......... 51, 130, 199, 282

Vienna Secession Exhibition, The. By A. S. Levetus. Ten Illustrations...... 267

Wainwright, A. S. A Birmingham Architect: W. PL Bidlake. Sixteen Illustrations . . . . 245

Wedmore, Frederick. F'rank Short. Eleven Illustrations ......... 3
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