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Royal Academy Students

tradition, Mr. G. Dupre is beyond doubt the most It was thus that James Northcote (1746—1831),

highly-gifted of the medallists who, since M. himself a distinguished Academician, spoke to a

Vernon, have succeeded in winning the Prix de painter who had called upon him to beg his vote.

Rome. Much promise is shown too by M. On other occasions, with equal frankness, North-

Gregoire, at present a ftensionnaire at the Villa cote said much bitterer things about the Academy

Medicis, and by M. Louis Fuchs, a portrait by —things, too, unfortunately, which retain to this

whom, exhibited at the last Salon du Champ-de- day an air of contemporary half-truth that provokes

Mars, remains in one's memory. remark. Thus, for example, the Academy was

Of recent years mourning has in truth fallen often described by Northcote as " Fools' Hospital,"

heavily on the French school. We have lost in sue- not because he had permitted himself to be elected,

cession Daniel Dupuis and Maximilien Bourgeois. but because he could not hide from himself the

Yet there is sufficient evidence of new talent to fact that its schools produced a commonplace

show that the source is far from being dry, that manner, and that its social influence was so strong

decadence is remote, and that the future may be as to be harmful to its artistic purpose, so that

faced with equanimity. Roger Marx. many who hankered after membership found time-
serving of greater use to them than talent. John

THE ROYAL ACADEMY AND Opie, also, another distinguished Academician of

ITS STUDENTS' COMPETE the same period, was keenly alive to the same

TIONS. defects of the institution. He used to say of the
Academy, " I wish we could contrive some means

"Why do you desire so much to be in the to knock it up !"

Academy ? You must be aware that none but Since those words were spoken, and spoken

the lame require crutches ! " seriously, events of vast and enduring moment have

"saul and the witch of endor" (gold medal)

by george murray
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