Polski Instytut Studiów nad Sztuką Świata [Editor]
Sztuka Ameryki Łacińskiej: studia o sztuce kolonialnej, nowoczesnej i współczesnej — 1.2011

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Antonio Rubial Garda, Doris Bieñko de Peralta
Saint Gertrude The Great - cult and iconography in the Colonial Art
of New Spain.189
Ewa Kubiak
The Eucharist’s Allegory - Common Graphic Patterns upon the Painting
of 17th and 18th century in Poland and Peru.213
Cesar Manrique
Artistic and Commercial Relations between Flanders and Mexico
from 16th to 18th Century.243
Agata Andrzejewska
Motifs of European Origin as one of Aspects of Investigations of Mestizo
Style in Baroque Architecture in Viceroyalty of Peru.259
Olga Isabel Acosta Luna
From sacral representation to piece of art in Colombian Art
from 16th to 18th century.279
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