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Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Athenische Abteilung — 28.1903

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to the old view h Arndt, for instance, in the text to Brunn -
Bruckmann Nr. 542, declares that his objections to assigning
the Perinthos head to Myron are reraoved by the sight of the
real Massimi head.
In all the members of this group, which seems now likely to
be raore firraly compacted than ever, is seen the contrast to

Fig. 2.

the Polykleitan type of head as illustrated by the Dorypho-
ros, and in a less degree by the Diadumenos. All the heads
of this. group, and with them agrees the Corinth head, show
the line over the middle of the skull from front to rear to be
a regulär unbroken curve, while the Polykleitan heads make

1 Treu (Berliner philol. Wochenschrift 1891 p. 546) speaks of the «augenfäl-
lige Übereinstimmung der Formen (of the Perinthos head) mit dem Discobolos
Massimi». Wolters (Friederichs - Wolters 458) says of the Riccardi head that it so
fully agrees with that of the Massimi Discobolos that one could take it for a
copy of the latter, were it not for the remains of the cloak over the left shoul-
dcr. Herrmann himself, while assigning the Perinthos head to Pythagoras (Athen.
Mitt. 1S91 p. 327) concedes «eine gewisse Verwandtschaft der gesammten An-
lage» of this head to that of the Massimi Discobolos.
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