The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Such was the opinion of Rubens ; which, perhaps,
attributes too much to the perlbnal forms of antiquity,
and too little to that indefatigable induftry and refearch,
which difcovered and felecled the moft agreeable and
characleriftic forms, from among the porters, rowers,
and dancers of thofe days 5 and which, perhaps, in the
prefent times, might fucceed not lefs happily in the fame
courfe of ftudy, if attended by the fame perfeverance
and judgment.

The remarks on the lights and fhadows of the
marbles, are equally juff. and applicable, in relation to
plafter figures ; and ought never to be out of the ftu-
rient's mind and obfervation.

ALTO RELIEVO is that kind of fculpture, where-
in, although the figures are attached to a plane back
ground, yet they project very confiderably from it ; they
Hand out, as it were, almoft clear, although held by the
back ground for their fecurity.

AMATEUR is a French term, for which we have
no regular equivalent in Englifh : it is taken to fignify
a perfon, who, although no profelfed artift himfelf, yet
joins to a love for the arts, fufficient tafte and know-
ledge to encourage and patronize them, by collecting
their productions, and by judicious animadverfion.

A perfon may pollefs a love for the arts, and a fenfe
of their excellencies, without any very profound know-
ledge : but when knowledge is happily united to fuch
inclination, it renders the opinion and judgment of its
poffeffor very eftimable and important.

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