The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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There is nothing of greater confequence to art, than
that thofe who favour it, mould rightly difcern its me-
rits ; fince by their judicious cultivation, valuable plants
may be brought to maturity ; or by their caprice, the
rnoft noxious weeds may overfpread the foil. Next to
their perfonal judgment, artifts are beholden to the pa-
trons of art for thofe inefHmable collections they alTem-
ble : where, befides the entertainment of feeing together
the performance of different ages, mailers, and coun-
tries, the improvement is obvious and extenfive.

It mull, however, be acknowledged, that from fome
unfortunate caufe, the collections of Englifh ama-
teurs are not of that ufe they might be ; fince accefs to
them is furrounded with obftacles : fo that although
there is, perhaps, no nation which poffeffes more valua-
ble treafures, they are not equally ufeful to the arts, as
many foreign cabinets. Nor is there any good con-
siderable public collection of performances, to which
the ftudent may refort, for correcting or improving his
manner and tafte. In this refpect, we muft acknow-
ledge the French nation have greatly excelled us ; for,
among them, to defire the fight of a celebrated cabinet,
is taken as an acknowledgment of its merit, and an ho-
nourable compliment paid to the tafte of the owner,

AQUA FORT IS proofs, or Etching proofs, are
impreffions taken off copper plates, immediately after
their biting is concluded. Their ufe is, to difcover
the real effect the aqua fortis has had on the plate,
in order to apply what further workmanfhip is requi-
site. It is common to confider aqua fortis proofs as fo
ffiany ftudies of the mafterj and they often are very va-
% luahle.
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