The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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ART i9

luable. Plates executed by painters, are feidom any-
thing further advanced than by the aqua fortis ; and
herein they difeover the matter's hand.

ARCHITECTURE is a fcience, fome of whofeprin-
ciples we have elfewhere confidered. It requires an union
of many very valuable ftudies to make an expert prac-
tical Architect : geometry, accuracy in calculation,
knowledge in the value, and employment of Materials.,
the multiplied manners of preparing them, the pro-
portion, and propriety of their ufes, judgment to know
when they are well ufed, and forefight to determine
their probable effect: tafte to formluch ornamental erec-
tions as may be required for ftate, and contrivance to
compofe fuch as fhall be convenient and domeftic.

Architectural DESIGNS are allowed many li-
berties, which though contrary to the ftricbnefs of truth,
yet in this fcience muft be admitted. Such as geome-
trical elevations^ and plans, void of perfpediive, fince
othenvife, accurate meafures could not be adapted.
Moreover to render fenfible the receflions of diftancess
though butfmali, a tint of colour fomewhat ftronger than
nature would juftify,is pardonable, if it be not extreme.
Atfo an architectural drawing may fhevv a geometrical
plan, elevation and feclion, together with parts of the
fame in perfpeclive, where no invincible obflacles forbid.
Thefe, and whatever other liberties contribute to a good
understanding of the defign, are tolerated in architecture,
though not juftified by Uriel perfpeclive. an anatomical term adopted
in painting, which expreffes the reprefentation of thofe
parts where the joints, and infertions of the bones into

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