The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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While the extent of art is fo various, and human
abilities fo limited, we ought to acknowledge merit
wherever we find it, and to do it juflice, be it in what
department it may : therefore without hefitation, we
admit fuch or fuch a mailer to be a capital defigner,
colouriit, 6fc. although perhaps his works may bear
improvement in other particulars. To be diftinguifhed
in any refpecl is honourable: united excellence is the
lot of few.

CARICATURA fignifiesa likenefs, loaded, exag-
gerated, heightened, and rendered generally ridiculous.

Caricatura is the extreme of character. Every
perfon has fome particular feature or proportion, which
may be termed proper to himfelf: this, rendered yet
more confpicuous and forcible,and diverted of thofe more
agreeable and general parts which in the perfon himfelf
qualify this peculiarity, becomes caricatura. So a long
nofe in nature, becomes in caricatura, a probofcis; a
caff, of the eye, is downright fquinting ; a prominent
chin, is an excellent object for caricatura, which turns
it into a peninfula ; and in fhort,, by traveftying the
countenance, yet fo as to prelerve a refemblance by
which it may be appropriated, it juftifies the faying
which informs us, that " an inch in a man's nofe is a
44 great deal." The defects of the figure, {looping,
unequal length of the legs, lamenefs, &c. are fubje&s
for caricatura. After all, it is but poor amufement,
(and not by any means improving to an artift) to ftudy
and expofe the defects of our neighbours : and indeed,
onlv admiffible, as a fatire on thofe whofe behaviour
deferves it, and who

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