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tufe. They are too expenfive to be ufed except on royal

funerals, &c.

CENOTAPH is a monumental erection to the
memory of fome illuftrious deceafed : ufually orna-
mented with allegorical figures and infcriptions allufive
to his virtues, actions, Sec. The permanence of a
cenotaph, diftinguifhes it from a catafalque : as its not
containing the body of the deceafed, does from a tomb.

CERTAIN, is fpoken of the outlines or contourSy
when they are not equivocal, or indeterminate, but
juft and natural. It muft be acknowledged that the old
mafters in general, in order to manifeft their fkill in
defign, gave fo much certainty to the contours of their
figures, as to render them hard and dry ; a fault necef-.
fary to be avoided, very prejudicial to union and effect:.
Certainty is the juft medium between this hardnefs, and
unmeanipg foftnefs of outline.

CHARACTER, is that diftinguifhing and appro-
priate appearance of objects, whereby they are known
to the fpectator. This principle being of univerfal ap-
plication and notice, and founded on natural diftinc-
tions, deferyes the raoft intimate acquaintance of the

Character, as it relates the human figure, has al-
ready come under our notice.

Character is as extenfive as objects to be reprefented,
and exacts much attention and remark. The characters
of animals, may be conceived as including their
natural difpoiitions. Thus, a fheep muft not be repre-
fented devouring a wolf, nor a fparrow attacking an
eagle j but throughout fuch pictures* each animal

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