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on fome great man ; they indicate an Importance, a
fuperiority in their principal, correspondent to our ideas
of his exaltation and honour, but mould any of them
forget his place and affume airs of mock majeity, we are
difpleafed, and exclaim againft fuch impropriety, as
infufferabie, and indecent.

The effect of a picture excellent in Chiaro Ofcuro,
mould be (at a diftance too great to determine its fubject)
an agreable mixture or correfpondence of forms and
lights : at a nearer approach, it mould attract the eye
by its force and powerful relief, fo as to fix the fpec-
tator's attention, and to induce him to inveftigate and
examine its compofition, and management. This pro-
perty may be greatly attained by the principles of force.
But a picture fhould alfo be fo artfully conducted, that
the fpectator fnould hardly be able to quit the infpeclion
of it, but fhould, without wearinefs, or fatiety, dwell on
the parts whofe happy regulation entertain his infpeclion :
this is the refult of harmony and intelligence in treating
the Chiaro Ofcuro, of which it is alfo the perfedtion.

According to the differences of compofitions, will be
the treatment they require : and every recipe for their
conducl:, is abfurd and idle. In general it may be noted,
that a body of light on either extremity of the picture, is
injurious (efpecially to the other extremity), and that it
cannot be effectively fupported by fhadow on all fides.
On the other hand, if the center of light be in the very
center of the piclure, it renders art too much vifible, and
as it were mathematical; confequently, ungraceful and
IfifF. The beft way is, to let the light fall moft ftrongly
near, not in the middle of the picture, to let it catch,

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