The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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the eye, will ftrike the Spectator as fomething excellent
for the difpofition of light and fhadow, though he does
not diftinguifh whether it is a Hiftory, a Portrait, a
Landfcape, dead Game, or any thing elfe, for the fame
principles extend to every branch of the art."

GHIARO OSCURO is defcriptive of phtures painted
in black and white, imitating balfo relievo, in marble
or Hone, &c. this manner of painting differs little from a
drawing, in oil, inftead of being warned ; except as fome
maflers have fucceeded in it, who have fo truly touched
their fubjedts, that, at a very little diftance they may
pafs for marble to the mod accurate infpeftor.

CHI ARO OSCURO when fpoken of prints, fignifies
thofe performed in imitation of drawings warned in
biftre, &c. the middle tint is laid over the other part by
means of a block adapted to the whole, (the lights being
cut out and left quite white) and the fhadows produced
over them by another block, from which all befides is
cut away; for this invention we are beholden to Hugo
da Ca^pi, but the manner is not in much requeft
fince the delicacy of engraving has been carried to per-

CHISSEL, is ufed as a generic term, denoting the
works of the fculptor; which are named productions of
the chiffel, &c. The manual application of the chiffel
requires dexterity, and addrefs, to infure correctnefs.

CEILING painted, has a very rich and magni-
ficent effect when well conduced ; contributing greatly
to the finifhing and decoration of a noble apartment;
and alfo when judicioufly compofed, to the remedying
of defects in the architecture ; as in the ceiling of a

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