The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Y/'earer; it becomes hiflorical to after times; there is
no certain univerfal and permanent Coftume, except in
habits of office, or as diftinguifhing badges of certain
focieties ; if the perfons reprefented are not above
wearing fuch dreffes, why fbould they decline to appear
in them in diftant times ? As to the extreme, or pink of
the mode, be it remembered that not perfons of fenfe,
but fribbles only require it—tranfmit them to pofterity
as fribbles, and welcome ; but to perfons of underftand-
ing, a certain general refemblance of their drefs, &c.
is fufficient; which not only allows a likenefs that may
laft many years, but alfo permits to the artift a more
agreeable and picturefque difpofition of its parts. As to
the idea of antique dreffes, armour, &c. it feems ridicu-
lous : What! a portrait for the infpection of a man's
nearer! friends, fo treated that they may not difcover the
likenefs, and for the fake of fpectators many years after-
wards, that they may not difcover the unlikenefs !

In fculpture, indeed, which cannot by the artifice of
light and fhadow conceal the offenfive peculiarities of
drefs, much liberty may be allowed. To be fatisfied
that here the mode muff, be very greatly moderated, if
not quitted, we need only furvey a few tombs whofe
effigies are furrounded with the once fafhionable full-
bottomed wigs ; their uncouth appearances fhock the
principles of art, and create a wifh that the fculptor had
employed lefs marble, and more fkill.

After all, if a portrait of a Turk were trans-
mitted to England, how fhould we afcertain it to be

Turk, without the Coflume ? the Turban, &c. Or
Mandarin of China, how mould we diftinguifh him

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