The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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in a fine, fweet, foft, and agreeable manner; when the
touches, Sec. without being too ftrongly marked, are
true, natural, and kindly managed.

DEMI-TINT is properly the tone of colour
between the lights and the darks; or the paflage from
light to fhadow: it is evident, therefore, that as it
approaches more to either, it partakes moft of light or
of fhadow. The accuracy and gradation of the demi-
tint, is a very principal ingredient in harmony, and
contributes greatly to the relief of the brighter, or
darker colours. The beauty of carnations depends very
much upon the demi-tint, as, without it, no good flefli
is to be expected.

To fucceed in this principle, requires a good under-
standing of the chiaro ofcuro, and alfo of the quality of
the colours employed, and the effects they produce when
broken : in fhort, as full half a picture may be in demi-
tint to advantage, it is evident, that a judicious manage-
ment of it is indifpenfable ; it prevents glare, contri-
butes to breadth, and to foftnefs and fulnefs of
effect. Extremes ftrike every one, and are eafdy
mutable; but the gradations of demi-tint are only
found in perfection in the beft works of the belt mafters.

DESIGN, by the various fituations and turnings of
lines, by their combinations, and union, reprefents
figures of all exiftent objects, their forms, and their
contours. Defign is the bafis of painting, fculpture,
engraving, &c. which without it would be merely a
confulion of ufelefs exertions. The foul of the art, its
energy, its expreffion, its truth, is defign.

The principal parts of defign, are accuracy of pro-

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