The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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-no MAN


ate from the lights which fell on the figures, or, that
he ihall place every perfon exa&Iy in the attitude he
really was in ; or every group exaftly on that fpot
which it occupied; when by a little variation the whole
may be greatly amended in regard to pidfurefque effecT:,
and artift-like treatment. On the other hand, it would
be infufferable in an artift, who treating the ftory of
Diogenes and Alexander, fhould make theJhadow
of Diogenes fall on the monarch: or, if a ne-
neral had contrived that his enemies fliould attack him
with the fun fhining in their faces, if an artift repre-
fents either his enemies in (hade, or no fun at all, this
would be almoft criminal in treating fuch a ftory.

LOCAL Colour, is that proper and natural to an
object, and which diftinguifhes it from others, and
which it always preferves^ Local colours are good, in
proportion to their veracity.

LOZENGE strokes in engraving, are ftrokes crof-
fing each other with more or lefs obliquity; too lozenge
is bad.


Ti/TANNER, is that method of working, that touch,
L v-i that tafte, that habitude, as well as that train of
thought, invention, and management, which is proper
to every particular mafter; which characterizes his
productions, and diftinguifhes his works: as fometimes
a manner a whole fchool.

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