The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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yet require great tafte and difcretion in the artift to dis-
tribute them well ; it is an accelTory which is apt to
predominate. Pearls, precious ftones, gold, &c Ought
to be happily introduced, or totally omitted; at any
rate they ought to be rather fcarce than profufe. Even
ornaments in architecture, if too crowded, lofe their
effect, and injure more material articles. In a picture
they are too clofely allied to minutics.

OUTLINE is the fame as Contour : Outlines
ought to be pure, gliding, graceful, and free ; not hard,
nor ofFenfive, nor every where equally vifible, or equallf
detached from the back ground.


"I) AINTING is the art of reprefenting objects by
* means of defign and colours. As nature is infinitely
various, as well in objects as in effects, and painting an
imitative art of unlimited extent, like the fource from
whence it originates; the greatefr. genius may find fuf-
ficient feope for its exertions in any one branch of art to
which it may be inclined : and this is very much to be
preferred, before a fuperficial acquaintance with many.

Painting is ufually divided into feveral clafles.

Painters of History. Vide History.

Painters of Portraits. Vide Portrait.

Landscape Painters.

Battle Painters.

Marine or Sea-Piece Painters.

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