The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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of members, &c. are fixed, and decided. As without the
juft intelligence of proportion, every object runs the
rifque of becoming unnatural, it is evident that thofc
whofe ftudy and bufmefs it is to follow nature, ought to
be intimately acquainted with its regulations.

PROOFS are impreffions taken off at the rolling-prefs
by engravers, in order to obferve the progrefs ot their
plates, and the truth of their work.

Proofs are alfo a fmall number of impreffions, taken
off when the plate is finifhed ; but ufually before the in-
fertion of the writing (which omiffion is meant to dif-
tinguifh them from fucceeding prints): they are therefore
printed in the prime Irate of the plate, before it has re-
ceived any injury from working, and mayjuftly be fup-
pofed to render the workmanfhip of the engraver in all
its beauty. This, together with the fmall number taken
off, greatly enhances their value.

PROPRIETY is the regulator of cornpofition ; de-
termining not only the whole, but alfo the parts ; in-
cluding the difpofition, character, and effect, of every
objecl ; the truth, decorum, and probability, of every
thing introduced.

It is to be lamented, that many artifts will not give
themfelves the trouble to acquire competent information
on this article, whofecontrol would prevent thofe abfurdi-
ties which disfigure many capital productions : fuch as
naked figures in facred buildings; dogs fighting for bones
in royal palaces ; modern dreffes in treating antique fub-
jects, &c. which are no lefs mifplaced than cannons
■and mufquets in Alexander's battles. Thefe glaring
faults are not lefs' reprehenfible, though lefs lauphable

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