The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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than aftraight fheath to a bended fcymitar; Vulcan's
forge placed againft tapeftry hangings; or a Cyclops hold-
ing in his hand one end of a bar of red hot iron, while
he hammers the other end : nor will propriety permit
Eve to wear woven and filken garments, or Adam to
fupport an immenfe peruke full curled, and powdered.
The control of propriety extends even to fmaller fub-
jecls, and when adverted to by artifts, is of very great
Utility in preventing errors.


Tl E C E S S I O N is the reverfe to advancing :
its principles are tendernefs, union, and even in*
diftindtnefs. It is beft feen when oppofed to its con-

REDUCTION is the manner of copying large fub-
je£ts on a fmaller fcale. To do this with certainty, the
original is divided into a certain number of fquares, by
means of lines (threads, if it be a picture, juft tacked at
theoutfide on the (training frame) drawn from top to bot-
tom, and croffed by others from fide to fide. Thepropofed
copy is next divided into an equal number of fquares,
which are fo much fmaller in proportion to the former, as
the copy is lefs than the original. By obferving ac-
curately in the correfponding parts of the fquares, where

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