The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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S P E 129

SHADES, may be taken in a fenfe fomewhat dif-
ferent, as being more or kfs gradated towards fhadow*
Thus it feems improper, to fay a light fhadow ; the terms
are contradictory : yet we fay, a light, or perhaps more
properly, a flight made, and thus it may be confidered as
allied to demi-tint; and fhades may be intermediate be-
tween demi-tint and fhadow.

SIMPLICITY, is equally removed from infipidity,
and extravagance. It is the effect of a good choice, the
enemy of affectation, the ufual companion of grace,
and the general attendant on nature, efpecially when not
vitiated by refinement.


SKY, vide the Lectures.

SLAVISH, vide Copy, Constraint. To copy even
nature flavifhly, is to injure genius ; whofe flights,
when conducted by judgment, are not depreciated by
freedom. But in general, flavery is rather to be feared
as indicating a little (andperhaps ill-taught) practitioner,
accuftomed rather to fee nature obfcurely through bor-
rowed optics, than clearly for himfelf.

SOUL of a figure, or of a picture, is taken in a
fenfe related to Animation, fignifying, that almoft
reality and life, which is by happy management be-
llowed on fome compofitions, wherein the figures feem
actually employed in fuch actions as the painter has
reprefented. It is feldom copies poffefs this fire, and
vivacity ; they lofe it in tranfcription ; and this defi-
ciency forms a principal diffinction of fuch imitations.

SPEAKING picture, is, one which poffeffes fo
much fidelity, nature, and soul, as to feem almoft

No. 38, S polMed.
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