The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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STYLE, in painting, is much the fame as ftyle in
writing, fignifying the manner in which a matter
treats the fubjeits he undertakes j whether nobly or
meanly ; with fpirit or heavily.

SUBLIME, is a quality not to be attained without
exertion of the greateft abilities, in the happieft manner :
becaufe no rules can be given for what (hall be

In general we may fay, that unlefs a compofition be
noble and interefting, the action grand and lofty, the
conduct mafterly, the figures graceful, and the effect
ftriking, it cannot be fublime. Sublimity is allied to
ftrength of thought, to fimplicity of relation, and ex-
preffion, to pathos, and to repofe : Majefty and dignity,
elevation, and fometimes terror, contribute to the fub-
lime. But, after all, this quality muft originate in the
mind of the artift, and is not to be expected as the fruit
of precept or labour.

SUBJECT, is the action, or paffage related by the
painter, whether originally taken from hiftory, fable, or
life. Hiftory furnifhes the moll noble and interefting
fubjeclsj mythology or diviniftical fable, the moft
magnificent ; common life the moft entertaining ;
and low life the moft droll and laughable. But, be it
always remembered, that no fubjec~t which is not perfectly
in nature, can poffibly be applauded by competent

SYMPATHY, is fpoken of colours, and is the con-
trary to Antipathy. 1

When the mixture of two colours produces a third,
whofe tone and appearance is agreeable, fuch colours

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