The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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U N I 141

(the only fenfe in which time may be faid to improve
a picture), the harmony and vigour may ftill be vi-

VIRGIN subject, is a ftory not before treated by
any painter or defigner, &c.

It would be infinitely better for artifts, if inftead of
torturing imagination in order to treat in a different
manner fubjects already hackneyed, they would draw
'from pure and exhauftlefs fources, thofe finking and
agreeable fubjects which have not hitherto engaged the
canvafs; fmce in multiplying fuch fubjects, they in-
creafe variety, augment the fatisfadlion of the public,
and give fcope to technical abilities. The acquifition
of virgin fubjects can be no difficulty to thofe who
poffefs the bible, ancient hiftory, the poets, and pro-
ductions of the Britilh mule.

VIRGIN tint, is that which is firft of all laid on
the cloth 5 the nearer it approaches to the juft tone of
the finifhed picture, the greater advantages it furnifhes
the artift in his progrefs towards finifhing.


T TNION expreffes the relation of parts to their
whole : it is in general the harmony which
refults from the judicious management of the principles
of art, proportion, colouring, &c. whereby each object
has its place, its force, and confequence, regulated and
determined. For union of colours, breaking (which
fee) is of principal utility. For union of light and
fhadow, vide Chiaro oscuro, &o

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