The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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fums expended by the Society on this occaflon, with a
view, not fo much to the ornamenting the Room in
which their meetings are held, as to prove to the world,
in the moft convincing manner, that the elegant Arts
are not confined to any country, but that under due en-
couragement and protection, they will profper as well in
England as in the warmer climate of Italy.

Expenditure on account of the Pictures painted by

Mr. Barry.

£. s. d.

For canvas, colours, frames, and other inci-
dental charges - 315 2 o

Expence of two exhibitions, including ca-
talogues - 224 o o

£• 539 ^ o

We mail clofe the fubjecl now before us with a few
remarks : our readers will perceive for themfelves that
Mr. B. has an original and enlightened manner of think-
ing ; far from being confined by thofe fetters which might
have cramped an ordinary genius, he has rufhed forward
toward the highefl regions of fuperior excellence.

As compofitions, thefe pictures deferve our warmelt
applaufe : befide containing the nobler! thoughts, many
of the ingredients (fo to exprefs ourfelves) are happily
felefted, and applied 4 and we have not any performance
of a fingle artift, which m ay rival that we have been

But, notwithftanding our general applaufe, there arc
a few obfervations connected with the fubjecl:, which it
would not be right in us to fupprefs. It is true that Mr.
B. has emulated the fame of ancient artifts, and has en-
deavoured to raife in his performance a riva}. to the Athe-
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