The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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feene, it might with little variation have ferved for one,"
It however has much merit, and out of the common way \
is clofe enough to nature, yet not flavifh. In time we
hope to fee this artift ripen to fuperior renown. This
youth has happily acquired a force of chiaro-obfcuro, in
which many of his competitors are deficient: a
little more vigour in his carnations might improve

Mr. Northcote has flopped further than before
into the province of hiftory, and with fuccefs. His King
Edward V. and his brother murdered in the Tower, No.
188, we think has much merit and effect; at the
fame time we cannot think the light of the piece truly
managed ; for we never yet faw a lamp give fo near a
day-light hue to obje&s. This is, if we rightly re-
member, the only one of Sir Joshua's pupils, who has
attempted hiftory : a circumftance much to his praife.

The Death of Prince Maximilian Leopold, of Brunfwick,
who perijhtil in endeavouring to fave fame peafants during an
Inundation of the Oder (painted by Mr. N.) deferves
commendation: and it gives us pleafure to fee our artifts
are not inattentive to what paffes in other countries, be-
fide our own : and that they know how to eftimate the
valour of enemies too, appears from the pidure imme-
diately above this, reprefenting the Death of Don Louis
de Velafco, at farming the Mora Fort at the Havanna (by
Mr. Plimer', which, while it was infinitely honourable
to him who difcharged his duty at the expence of his
life, was not lefs glorious to the enemy, who heartily
regretted his fall. We might fuggeft to^artifts who em-
ploy their talents on warlike fubjeds, that the drefs and

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