The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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good, many middling, and others bad : but we confers
thefe laft are very happily placed. R. Home's (of Dub-
lin) Irijb Volunteer is among the fuperior. On the
whole, there is in this article more of an equality among
the performances than is defirable ; our artifts of rank
hardly preferving their diftance from the undignified :
and indeed we think fcarce ever were the abfentees more
to be regretted than in the prefent collection.

Among the crayons, Mr. Russel is as happy as ever
we remember him ; he is in fact almoft folus.

Among the landfcapes we have already noticed Mr.
Hodges, whofe Eaft Indian views are highly picturefque,
and contribute much to the general fpectacle. Monf.
De Loutherbourg has four pictures, by no means
fuperior to what we have feen of his works : he feems
to flight his performances. He has painted more
highly finifhed pictures than his View of Winandermere,
which is his belt this year.

Among the miniatures are feveral highly finifhed fub-
jects. Mr. Shelly continues to turn his attention to-
ward hiftory, and we think it not unlikely others may
very laudably follow his courfe.

In the room below, we noticed a very pretty chimney
piece, by Mr. Bacon, whofe talents deferve every op-
portunity of larger works, notwithftanding they do no*
difdain decoration.

Mr. Procter exhibits one of the boldeft attempts
we ever faw ; and whether it be practicable in marble
may be juftly doubted, fince the weight would be too con-
liderable for its fupports. The fubject is Dicmed King of
Thrace, who had taught his Horfcs to eat human Flejh ; him/elf


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