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hope it may have its effect; fince it will be fo greatly t©
the advantage of art.

Mr Editor, I ought not to conclude, without think-
ing your candour too candid: but this perhaps yo&
eileem a compliment from

Yours, &c.


P. S» Having applied to a very ingenious phyfical gen-
tleman of my acquaintance for fuch a recipe as you
wifh for in your daft, he pointed me to the following
in his Difpenfatory.

Ad Plarm. reftor. inter Querul,

R. Scnf commun. ^ i. Urbanit. Liter at. Probitat. Veritat.
ana Gr. i. f. mint. S. A.

But he fays, he fometimes is obliged to prefcribe a,
very rough medicine in fuch cafes : I copied it for
the ufe of thofe who require it.

R. Baccul. Shiercin. feu Fraxin. quadrupedat. Imponat.
valid, ad Humr. Patient. & let. congeminent. tot quot ne-
cejfar. This is faid to be of great ufe, Adfcriptor.fcurrih
& defam. reformand-.

I have a very high opinion of the firft of thefe com-
pofitions; its merit might juftly entitle it to the notice
of parliament, if they had any time to fpare from
taxation. As to the latter, it is a very ancient remedy :
we have evidence of it being ufed by that part of the
faculty of the Roman College called Lienors ; it ftill
maintains fome refpetft in modern practice, though toe
jrjuch degraded by empirics.
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