The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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l> R I N T S
Emblematical of the
f O tJ R PARTS of the DAY.

*^pHIS part of the day is reprefented as rifing ofer the
earth, with the earlieft beams of the Sun : The
figure is fuppofed flying very high in the air, and there-
fore viewed from below, is feen entirely underneath;
the light alfo comes on the figure from below, the rays
of the Sun darting upwards. It is proper to remark,
that this would be a wrong reprefentation of any fimilar
object, if the globe of the earth had been introduced ;
becaufc, as we have elfewhere fhewn, the rays from the
luminary, never rife, but, if not defcending, are at
moft parallel; the horizon intercepting them, when the
Sun defcends below it. But as here is nothing introduced
whereby to determine how high this figure is above the
earth, the liberty is not offenfive. The fragrance of
morning, is iignified by the flowers which fhe ftrews,
as (he advances; and the congelation of the dew, by
the vafe from which it falls. Her head is alfo dreffed
with flowers, fignificative of the pleafufes of Morning.
No. 36. K NOON
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