The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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6f the figure of


This figure feems to draw her fentiments from a
Purvey of the principal objects of this terraqueous globe ;
and a confideration of the wonders of the celeftial firma-
inerit: among the former are included the extenfiv©
ocean, and the majeftic rocks ; the latter are fignified
by the celeftial globe, on which fhe refts ; fhe looks
upwards, as if ftruck with thefe wonders and beauties*
and addrefling their divine Author m thofe noble lines,

Tbeje are thy wondrous works,, parent of gosdi &c*


Is reprefented by a figure fitting in the midft. of £
circus, compofed of various edifices in different ftageS of
forwardnefs j file holds in one hand a plan of fundry
buildings, in the other a pair of compafTes. As the
column is a principal ingredient in Architectural Com-
pofition, that, together with her fitting pofture, exprefles
liability. The plumb line, the ruler, &c. being imple*
inputs uftd in the art, need no explanation*
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