The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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'"JHHE art of Perspective, while conduced by ocular
obfervations only, is very precarious in its prin-
ciples, and fallible in its productions : this appears
clearly in the remains of ancient art; and we may
juftly infer, that if the fludious geriiufes of antiquity
were inadequate to the accurate reprefentation of
natural objects, thofe who feek no further affiftance
than obfervation affords, will certainly fall very much
fhort of that excellence to which well-directed Ikill is

This print fuppofes, that Perspective has been,
diligently employed in composing a landfcape fubject ;
and after much embarraffrnent, is diffatisfied with her
production : It is a fcene of confufion5 not a juft copy of
nature ; a' weak exertion of abilities, without effect j
it appears fo to the eye, nor is improved by the decep-
tion of optics.: if enlarged to the fige of nature, its
unlikenefs is ftill glaring. Thus involved, fhe relates
the occafion of her anxiety to Geometry, who pro-
mi fes by the ufe of her compaffes, by afcertaining the
£rue bearings of objects from each other, and by
certain general principles, to illuftrate and funplify the
jjneceffary operations.

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