The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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Will always meet more or lefs fuccefs, and be the means
of introducing to notice abilities which otherwife
might lay dormant and undiftinguifhed. Whether our
former hints may have contributed to this fpirit, we
will not determine, but We venture to recommend them
to repeated attention.'

The article portraits has nothing more than ufual to
attract notice ; it is a kind of common-place, in which,
as matters now ftand, little new is fought after, and
not to link below the level, is all that moft profeffors
defire. There are feveral pleafmg converfation pieces,
fmall whole lengths: in which department Mr. Bigg
has diftinguifhed himfelf.

In landfcape, M. de Loutherbourg has created an
attractive variety; when this artift takes pains with his
works, they do him honour.

Mr. Hodges raifes an intereft by his Eaft-Indian
views, which, from occurrent circumftances, exceeds
that of any artift in the room ; and it yields us very
great fatisfaction, to contemplate thofe objects and
that country which has fo much engaged the public
attention. The mofques, the public buildings, the
manners of India, cannot now be furveyed with indif-
ference, by whoever reflects on the connections and de-
portment of Britons in that part of the globe.

In the article miniatures, there is much merit, and we
think rather an improvement than a decline ; there
being more of general excellence, and lefs of par-
ticular deficiency.

The drawings in the room below are upon the whole
well enough ; yet in this article, it is ufual with us to
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