Dennis, George
The cities and cemeteries of Etruria: in two volumes (Band 2) — London, 1848

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Abbadia all' Isola, U. 137

Abeken, on emplecton masonry, i. 108; on the

Puntone del Castrato, ii. 9; on the tomb of

Porsena, 390
Aborigines, with the Peiasgi, take possession of

Etruria, i. xxxi; cemeteries of the, 353;

ii. 320
Achilles, triumph of, i. 449; on vases, ii. 115,

505; with Ajax, playing at dice, i. lxxx; li.

499; death of, 500, 510; pursuing Troilus,

116, 506; combat with Penthesilea, 516
Acquapendente, erroneous opinions of, i. 501
Acsi, tomb of the, ii. 486
Actason, myth of, on urns, ii. 173,493
Acuta, i. 501
Ad Aquileia, i. 501
Ad Baccanas, i. 78
Ad Herculem, ii. 85
Ad Novas, ii. 413
Ad Turres, ii. 75

Admetus and Alcestis, vase of, i. Ixxxix., xc.
Adonis, urn of, i. 450; ii. 496
Adria, Etruscan inscriptions at, i. xxxv.; vases

of, xxxv., 438
iEgina, painted tomb of, i. 55; temple of Jupiter

at, ii. 120
-iEneas, scenes of his deeds, ii. 18; on Etruscan

vases, ii. 63
-&quum Faliscum, i, 149, 161
-&s rude, ii 110

-&sar, Etruscan for God, i. xliv.; ii. 131
Agger, at Yeii, i. 15
Agylla, see Cjere, and Cervetri
Aharna, ii. 93
Ainsley, Mr., on the paintings at Tarquinii, i.

298; discoveries at Sovana, 451, 482; en the

tombs of Caere, ii. 35,38; on Castiglion Ber-
nard!, 214, 216
Alabaster, used in Etruscan sculpture, i. lxxii.;

in sarcophagi at Husignano, 439; at Cssre,

ii. 39; in urns of Volterra, 169
Alabastra, forms of, i. c; imitation of Egyp-

tian, 421; painted in tombs, ii. 45
Alee in an Etruscan tomb, ii. 483
Alatri, postern of, ii. 122, 276; bastion of, 272
Alba Longa, sepulchral urns of, ii. 496
Alban lake, prodigy of, i. 31; Emissary of, lx.,

<J2; ii. 496; its crater extinct for ages, 496
——• Mount, temple of, i. 520; hut-urns of,

Ixvi., 39; ii.495
Albano, tomb at, not Etruscan, but in imitation
Jaa16 * itB anal°£y to tixe tomb of Porsena,

Albegna, ii. 261, 306; vale of the, 311
Alberese, ii. 257

Alberti, his description of Castro, i. 466; of ruins
called Vetulonia, ii. 226, 232

Albinia, ii. 261

Alga?, ii. 3

Alphabet, Etruscan, i. xlvi.; inscribed on a pot,
225; resembles those of Lycia and Phrygia,

------------, Greek, on the walls of a tomb at Thebes,


------------, Pelasgic, on a pot, ii. 53, 522; on the

walls of a tomb, 137

Alphia or Alphna, i. 527

Alsietinus, Lacus, i. 84; ii. 70

Alsium, Pelasgic origin of, ii. 69; villas at, 70;
local remains, 71; necropolis, 73. tfeePalo

Altar of iron, ii. 49

Alyattes, tomb of, i. 353, 414; extant remains
of, 415; ii. 462; analogy to the tomb of Por-

' sena, 389

Amber in tombs, ii. 59, 72, 76

Ambrosch, Dr., on Vetulonia, ii. 216, 300

Amphiaraus and Eriphyle, on Etruscan urns, ii.

Amphitheatres, antiquity of, i. 96; of Sutri,
hewn in the rock, 94; its antiquity, 95; deco-
rations and niches, 98; recessed seats, 99—of
Volsinii, i. 511—of Luna, ii. 80—of Florence,
93—of Yolterra, 162—pretended one of Vetu-
lonia, 226— of Rusellae, 252—of Arezzo, 422

Amphora, form of the, i. xcv.

Ancharia, an Etruscan goddess, ii. 132

Anio, i. 65

Anitianse, quarries of, i. 208; similar stone from
Manziana, 209; not at Corneto, 363; not yet
recognised, 514

Annio of Viterbo, his forgeries, i. 90, 190

Ansedonia, see Cosa

Anselmi, Signor, of Viterbo, i. 238

Antefixa?, i. 493; ii. 530

Antella, ii. 113

Antemnae, site of, i. 64

Antoninus, his villa at Alsium, ii, 70; Itinerary
of, see Itineraries

Anubis-vase, ii. 352

Apennines, i. xxviii.; Etruscan bronzes and
coins found on, ii. 107, 112; vase from, 508

Aphuna, an Etruscan family, ii. 341

Apollo, his temple on Soracte, i. 179,181; statue
of, on the Palatine, Ixix.; at Piombino, ii.
220; represented in an Etruscan tomb, 478;
on the Delphic tripod, 501; Musagetes, 505;
and Cassandra, 505

Apul or Aplu, Etruscan names of Apollo, i. liii.;
on a mirror, ii. 521

Aquae Apollinaris, ii. 26

---------Caeretes, ii. 19, 26

---------Passeris, i. 202, 211, 244

---------Tauri, i. 501; ii. 3

Aqueduct on the Ponte della Badia, i. 400

Aquenses, i. 501

Ara della Begina, see Tarqvinii
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