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Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 4,2): Camp-stool Fresco, long-robed priests and beneficent genii [...] — London, 1935

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Ewer-holding- Genius with Young Male God, on Bead-seal from Kydonia.

The most interesting association of a Minoan Genius with the youthful Eead-
male God is afforded by the intaglio designs (Fig. 392) on a lentoid bead- Spartan
seal of Spartan basalt referred to 1 in an earlier Section of this work in JjJJJ1'
relation to the winged creations of Minoan Art. It was found at Pyrgos Kydonia.
Psilonero, near the site of Kydonia, and the fact that it was made of lapis
Lacedaemonius does not militate against its having been the work of a Cretan
engraver, since great stores of this material were found in a small magazine
on the East side of the Knossian Palace, showing marks of cutting for
decorative usage.2

The youthful personage—the divine character of whom is clearly
marked by the sacral horns placed at his feet—is shown naked except for
his belt, with clenched hands pressed to his thorax. To the left is a winged
o-oat, not, as on a Zakro impression, a winged goat-man, but in its way a
more literal illustration of the be-winging tendencies of Art in the land of
Daedalos. The tail and hindquarters of the goat at the same time suggest
an incorporation with the lion-type.

Behind the youthful figure to the right stands a Minoan Genius,
holding a beaked ewer between his fore-paws in the usual fashion, and who
must be regarded as about to offer a libation to the divinity.

1 P. of Jtf., i, p. 708, and Fig. 532. It Eenaki at Athens. Thanks to his kindness,

-was there reproduced from an unsatisfactory Monsieur Gillieron, fils, was able to execute

impression, and wrongly described as of his drawing reproduced in Fig. 391.

'agate'. It is now included among the - Op. cit., iii, p. 268 seqq.,and see Fig. 181.

treasures of the Museum founded by Mr. A. E.

Fig. 391 Ms. White Agate Len-
toid from Site of Kydonia.
Youthful God laying Hands on

Lion Supporters. (See p. 466.)


Fig. 392. Youthful Male God

above Sacral Horns between

Winged Goat and Minoan