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Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 4,2): Camp-stool Fresco, long-robed priests and beneficent genii [...] — London, 1935

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5 106 c. Indigenous Sphragistic Tradition {continued).

Animal suckling young; Wild-goat and kids ; Cow and calf—EnUi
version schematic; Religious association of Minoan type—also connected will
Syrian Goddess; Influence of Minoan version on Arslan Task ivories-
Assyrian parallels from Nimrud; Minoan outpost at Ras Hamra; Cow
and calf on Archaic Greek com dies; Stag suckling fawn; Planed lion
suckling cub ; Bull licking hind foot—revival on coin types ; Bull scratchitw
head with hoof—parallel, motive on coins; Seal impressions from entrance
to Royal Tomb, Isopata—bull over architectural frieze with spirals; Late
Minoan vogue of true' Cattle pieces'; Recumbent ox with outline of another—
recurrence of stepped base below ; Large sealing with Cattle group from N.
Entrance Passage—frieze below of sacrificial purport.


and kids
on faience

Motive of the Animal suckling its Young.

It is clear that in Crete the type of the animal suckling its young goes
back to the Middle Minoan Age. A proof of this is afforded by the beautiful
faience reliefs of the wild-goat and cow found
in the Temple Repositories at Knossos,1 and
there is every reason for supposing that, as
in the case of Hathor's cow with its stellar
spots, these had a direct relation to the cult
of the Minoan Mother Goddess.2 Fig. 512
shows a goat suckling its young. The tail,
however, is that of a cow.

Of these faience groups, that of the
agriml and her two kids, one bleating for
its turn—though the rocks below are conventional
most natural scenes of animal life to be found in the whole r.
Ancient Art.

Fig. 512.

Goat suckling Yoosc:
from Cast.

presents one ofthe

The Cow and Calf. ■

Cow and The parallel design, on other faience plaques from the san .jtely

Calf. »„,.;„„ „r,i,„,.„„,i:„i.;„„ tu„ i,;„,i„„„.-,„..„ „f !,«.,- ^a]f,:1 supplies an excl

tories, ofthe cow licking the hindquarters of her cal

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