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Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 4,2): Camp-stool Fresco, long-robed priests and beneficent genii [...] — London, 1935

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I 103. The Minoan Genii and their Relation to the Egyptian Hippo
potamus Goddess : Their Beneficent Functions and Divine Mink

'The Minoan Genii and their origin—Earlier Views—MXkhhdfer, cjfc .
Winters Comparison with Hippopotamus Goddess Ta-urt; Wear dorsal
appendage, not skin of Victim; Impersonation of animal victims excluded ■
Predominance of lions head type; Genii sprung from Ta-urt but transformed

in Minoan sense; Characteristics and attributes of Hippopotamus Goddess__

resemblances presented by the Minoan daemons ; Astral relations of Ta-urt
also reflected; Ta-urt = Ursa-Minor ; Controls 'haunch' sign of Set (Ursa
Major); Impersonation of Isis, Guardian of Horus; Astronomic Ceiling of
Seu-mut Tomb; Early imported scarab with Ta-urt type from Mesard tomb;
First appearance of Minoan Genii; Examples on bronze hydrias from Kurion
L.M.Ih; Suggestions of Crocodile between Genii; Correspondences with details
of Egyptian astral scenes ; The 'Daemon Seals' of Knossos ; Genii as carriers
and leaders of animals ; Bull and cow led by horns—parallelism with Vapheio
scenes; Genius leading lion; Talismanic class of bead-seals with libation
vessels, of M. M. III-L. M. /a date ; Vegetation charms ; Rain-bearing ritual
on Seal types from Knossos and Thisbe; Ewer-holding Genii engaged in
similar ritual; Confronted daemons on Vapheio gem, pouring libations into
fountain basin before sacred palm—the fountain of Bereuton ; Genii pouring
libations into tripod cauldrons on pillars and over altar-blocks and cairns;
Ta-urt and Minoan Genius on Cylinder Seals, ' Syro-Hittite' and ' uypro-
Minoan'; Minoan Genii bear drink offerings to Goddess on Tiryns signet;
Cylinder from Kakovatos with Genius guarding lion-slaying hero—Minoan
Hh'aklte; Analogy of Ta-urt assisting Horus against Ox of Set; Genu
between lion guardians as representatives of divinity ; Genii as Ministers to
youthful God—Bead-seal of Spartan basalt from Kydonia.

The The sacramental scenes of which we have a record in the ' Camp-sto

Frescoes' already described, where human votaries of both sexes are con-
cerned, have already led to a comparison with parallel functions perform
by the Minoan Genii, who play an important part in the religious icon
oraphy of the Late Minoan Asie. Thus have we seen on the great sig
ring of the ' Tiryns Treasure'—here reproduced in its entirety in rig- i
a procession of four of these monsters bearing ewers from which to repie
the chalice in the hand of the seated Goddess, and itself identical in
with the gold cup held by one of the votaries of the Fresco.
To this representation we shall return.