Studio: international art — 26.1902

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London Spring Exhibitions

SOME PAINTINGS AND SCULP- any risks in the hope of increasing their popularity

JURE AT THE LONDON by attempting to break new ground. The result

SPRING EXHIBITIONS 's unexcitmg ar>d t0° much on the lines of what
has been customary in bygone years to arouse

The exhibitions this season do not give much enthusiasm,

evidence of any great or unusual effort on the However, it cannot be denied that there is both

part of those of our artists to whom we are at the Academy and the New Gallery a very fair

accustomed to look for work of surpassing interest. amount of work that is, despite its want of inspira-

Indeed, certain of the ablest men are not repre- tion, worthy of praise on account of its able

sented at all, or show only minor things which do craftsmanship; and there is in each of the shows

not illustrate the best side of their capacities; and a sprinkling of pictures which are likely to be

consequently there are perceptible some serious remembered as brilliant examples of technical

gaps in the record of the art of the year. This accomplishment. These exceptions to the general

would not be a matter of so much moment if by run of the year's achievement are doubly welcome,

way of compensation a few of the younger painters because they relieve the dulness of a season that

had risen to the occasion and had provided here shows a little too plainly the effect produced upon

and there a dramatic departure from the ordinary the profession by a long period of depression,

course of their practice. But both the older But for the activity of such artists as Mr. J. S.

favourites of the public, and their juniors whose Sargent, Mr. J. J. Shannon, Mr. F. Brangwyn,

reputations are being built up to-day, have been Professor Von Herkomer, Mr. Alfred East, Mr.

content to repeat past successes rather than to run E. A. Waterlow, Mr. La Thangue, Mr. G. H.


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