Studio: international art — 26.1902

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

who are anxious to obtain a sound knowledge
of the principles and practice of geometrical
drawing. It was first compiled in 1890, and
since then it has been repeatedly revised and
brought up to date. It appears now in its
eighth edition, which has been considerably en-
larged so as to meet all the latest requirements of
the Government Syllabus in Geometrical Drawing,
and to provide students who are going in for the
South Kensington Examinations with the fullest
information about their particular subject. The
book is well arranged, and the numerous diagrams
are clearly printed.

La Beaute Moderne. By Eugene Montfort.
(Paris, " Editions de la Plume.") 2frs. 50c.—This
little volume is a collection of lectures delivered
between February and June of last year, at
the advanced institution known as the College
d'Esthetique. Written in very pure and forcible
French, they show considerable culture on the part
of their author, but there is, unfortunately, a great
want of ballast about them. Should the aspirations
of the enthusiastic author be realised, which it
is to be hoped they will not, he will be one of the
first to be improved off the surface of the earth.
The keynote of the book is egotism, its motto
might be " Let us eat and drink, for to-morrow we
die." The writer naively remarks in his few intro-
ductory words that six lectures are not enough
to explain fully why he, Eugene Montfort, loves
the time at which he lives ; he can only dwell on
one of his many reasons, and that is because it is
his life. He adds that his ideas are, he believes,
already shared by the greater number of young
writers of the new generation, and he longs to
spread these views amongst artists also. As, how-
ever, he admits that when the millennium for which
he is working arrives, " Art will no longer have any
raison d'etre, for art will have become useless," it
seems scarcely likely that he will secure many
followers amongst the lovers of Beauty for its own
sake, whose aim, unlike his own, is to merge
themselves in the object of their worship, not to
consider everything merely as it affects their own


design for an earthenware plant pot.

Insufficient attention has been given to the
practical considerations which should be made

apparent in a good design for an earthenware
plant pot. For instance, Curlew has given such a
small mouth to the pot that the roots of the plant,
when well grown, could not be pulled through it, so
that, if re-potting became necessary, the pot itself
would have to be broken. In some of the designs
sent in, as in that of Pooscat, the ornamental details
project too far; an accidental blow would break
them in pieces and destroy the character of the pot.
Decorative details in a fragile material should have
only a slight relief.

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been won
by Ymer (Svante Olsson, Kungsholmsbragatanj
35 II., Stockholm).

The Second Prize (One Guinea) by Tramp
(David Veazey, 27, Rectory Place, Woolwich).

Honourable Mention : Tramp (David Veazey) •
Curlew (Lennox G. Bird); and Pooscat (Mrs. Ida
F. Ellwood).

(B XIX.)
Design Illustrating a Poem.

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been
awarded to BouV Mich (Percy E. Green, 46, Manley
Road, Whalley Range, Manchester).

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Ajrose (A.
Wilson Shaw, 296, Renfrew Street, Glasgow).

Honourable Mention : Isca (Ethel Larcombe).

(C XIX.)

Study of a Flowering Tree.

The First Prize (One Guinea) has been won
by Esca (Mrs. Kennet-Were, Cotlands, Sidmouth,

The Second Prize (Half-a-Guinea) by Temple
(H. Jacob, Springville, Temple Road, Dublin).

Honourable Mention: Vaga (W. M. Smith);
Molly (Miss C. M. Davenport); Edomite (T. E.
Doeg); and Lots (Miss E. Slatter).

(C XX.)
Study of a Sunset.

The First Prize {One Guinea) is awarded to
R. Sassot, Verificateur des Douanes Espagnoles,
Trim, Spain.

The Second Prize (Half-a-Guinea) to Sark
(W. C. Crofts, 9, Northwick Terrace, Cheltenham).

Honourable Mention : St. Cloud (H. A. Game);
Touchstone (F. Mortimer); Quekett (G. T. Harris);
Ancestor (J. C. Warburg); Dora (Dio di Monale);
E. Adelot; and Wherry (Miss E. L. Willis).
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