Studio: international art — 26.1902

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Studio- Talk

like complete mention of the many names would the general public. Of the excellence of the
be impossible in the space at my disposal. C. J. works of art now being produced in Austria
Bush, Homer Davenport, Charles Nelan, F. Opper, there can be no doubt, though in some in-
W. M. Thorndike, and Orville P. Williams are all stances there seems to be a tendency to over-
prominent cartoonists. elaborate decoration. We see this in the iron
The large number of clever men who are now scroll-work on the chimney-piece of the smoking-
devoting their time and energy to developing this room designed by L. Baumann, and executed
comparatively new field of art for the million are, by J. and J. Hermann (Vienna), which clashes
in a way, forming a new and interesting race of with the frieze application on the walls. It
pen draughtsmen and designers, and at the same is well, in designing such a room as this, to
time they are creating a public interest in a field remember that the beauty of a decoration is
of art both vast and far-reaching in its possibilities, enhanced when the eye is not only charmed but
Further than this, they have in a practical manner rested by what it sees. Of the value of the
shown that really good work may be accomplished furniture, both from the point of view of beauty
under almost any condition of printing. and of comfort, there can be no doubt. In

Will Jenkins. tne severe simplicity of design and perfect
workmanship shown in the mahogany dining-

STUDIO-TALK room furniture (designed by R. Fix and executed

(From Our Own Correspondents.) by Portois & Fix, Vienna), and in the wall decora-

LONDON.—We have lately been given the tions, hangings, and carpet, we have a harmonious

opportunity of gaining an insight into the whole, worthy of praise; while Niedermoser's

tendency of modern art in Austria, but yellow ochre dining-room, though not so happy

unfortunately the exhibition held at the in its results, has much individuality, particularly

Prince's Skating Rink was too little known to in the window hangings, carpet, and wall decora-



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