Studio: international art — 26.1902

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions



Rope); Eliza (Mrs. E. Reel) ; Sissie (Julia C. The Second Prize (One Guinea) by Curlew

Lewis); and Glis (Frances M. Bartholomew). (L. G. Bird, 3 Minor Canon Row, Rochester).

(A XXV.) Honourable Mention:—Devonian (R. G. Oram);

The design by Granta, though very good in Ivanhoe (J. A. Speir); Jim the Penman (James

some respects, does not take into account the fact Prior); and Yew (E. E. Briscoe),

that a hand-screen should be light to handle. ,^ XVIII)

The metal-work of silver is too heavy. The First Prize {Qng ^ ^ ^

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been ^. (Avenue de la Couronne 244, Brussels);

awarded to Ehn (Edwin Walhck, Stanley Lodge, The Secqnd Prize {Hraif.a.Guinea) by Scolopax

Castle Road, Bedford); (whose address is required, the coupon having

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Fiat Lux been mislaid

(Mary Collens, 51 Upper Hope Place, Liverpool). Honourable Mention -.—Bully (A. H. Wolff);

Honourable Mention is given to the following : Toby (W. Rawlings) ; Joe (Carl Jahn) ; Winter's

—Rose Madder (Beatrice G. Carlile); and Granta Enchantment (Walter Mitchell) ; Feste (Philip

(Mildred Reynolds). Swinnerton) ; and Drifua (A. W. Rundberg-

(B XVIIL) Wilkman).

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been won (C XIX.)

by The Colonel (L. T. Moore, 63 Gaisford Street, The awards in this competition are unavoidably

Kentish Town, London); held over till next month.

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