Studio: international art — 74.1918

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{Sold for 46,000 yen at the Marquis Satake sale, Tokyo)

portrait painting, the character and personality in this painting. How effective are the bend-

of each poet being shown with remarkable skill, ing tree, the stretched sail, and the swelling

It was rumoured that the rolls were to be cut and dashing sea, all depicted with a few lines,

into pieces and made into kakemono to be It shows what- a master can do with a few

possessed by several collectors. If this should strokes on a small piece of paper. It may be

ever come to pass it will be a great misfortune, noted in this connexion that there is a strong

A two-panelled screen by Korin of Thirty-six tendency now, as one of the results of the art

Poets fetched 66,100 yen. It shows his wonder- exhibitions now in vogue, to paint on big

ful facility with the brush, and keen sense of surfaces. The pictures of contemporary artists

linear composition and colour harmony. have grown so large in size that most of them are

- quite inadequate for the tokonoma for which they

The gem of the whole collection was A Sailing- are meant. Moreover, many of the modern works

Boat by Sesson, a very small kakemono, which are thin, scattered, and incoherent. To painters

fetched the sum of 52,300 yen. Seldom has an of this class of work Sesson's Sailing-Boat seemed

artist painted wind so graphically as has Sesson to carry a strong and precious message.

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