Studio: international art — 74.1918

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Studio- Talk

(From our own Correspondents.

STUDIO-TALK. studies of Ligurian subjects; Miss Alice

" Fanner's The Lion Gates, Hampton Court;
and two Venice subjects—Mr. Ludovici's The

tONDON.—Shortly before the opening of Salute, and Mr. St. John Partridge's Early

the current exhibition of the Interna- Morning Effect, are among the works of primary

tional Society of Sculptors, Painters, interest. The exhibition includes an example

—' and Gravers at the Grosvenor Gal- of Mr. Pryde's very personal art, The Monu-

lery, Mr. William Strang, A.R.A., who has merit, and two London subjects, London Bridge

held the office of Vice-President for some and Cannon Street Station, by M. Baertsoen, a

years, was elected President in succession to Belgian honorary member, which in murkiness

the late Auguste Rodin, who succeeded James of atmospheric tone contrast strikingly with the

McNeill Whistler in 1903, and Mr. Charles Thames pictures painted some time ago by

Shannon, A.R.A., was elected Vice-President. his fellow-countryman, M. Claus. Lithography,

On the whole the present show gives the im- wood-engraving, and other forms of graphic art

pression of being better than usual, particu- arc favourably represented,
larly in regard to portrait and figure subjects.

Notable among these are Mr. Strang's The There is not much work of outstanding

Little Flora, The Mill Girl, and The Emigrants ; significance at the summer exhibition of the
Sir John Lavery's

Mr. Talmage's Silver '^j^L \ j» 4 _ § | i '

Morning: Cliffs at jfJ^jp V*' \*—*9&&*" I I

Gardens, Cheyne Walk;

Mr. La Thangue's "brigadier-general h. j. elles, c.b., d.s.o." by sir william orpen, a.r.a.

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