Studio: international art — 74.1918

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Studio- Talk

STUDIO-TALK insist upon the significance of form, as a vital

_ _ , , . element in pictorial productions. The correlative

Our Own Correspondents.) . r . , 1 , , . ...

1 importance of colour and form m a painting was

O N D 0 N.—Our frontispiece this month years ag0 emphasized by Ruskin, who certainly

is a reproduction of The Pool, a charac- was no whit behind the ultra-moderns of to-day

teristic painting by Mr. Anning Bell, m recognizing the aesthetic value of colour.

in which his refined sense of colour

and disciplined draughtsmanship are admirably

exemplified. In these days, when the cult of A few months ago we published a reproduction
colour tends to run to extremes and we are often of a stained wood panel, Madonna and Child,
called upon to admire paintings which have by Miss Jeanne Labrousse, and we now supple-
about as much right to be called works of art as ment this by another charming example of her
a bit of "crazy" patchwork, it is necessary to work—Joan of Arc, in which her decorative

instinct again finds expres-
sion. We have already men-
tioned that Miss Labrousse,
who is French by birth,
received her training in this
kind of work at the Poly-
technic Institute School of
Art in Regent Street—the
only school, we believe, that
makes a speciality of it.
Admirably suited as it is for
achieving rich and varied
colour effects through the
medium of stains applied
to wood, it is surprising that
this very artistic craft does
not receive more attention,
especially as the technical
difficulties are by no means
serious. It is found that cer-
tain woods give much better
results than others — syca-
more and American white
wood being among the best
kinds—and also that the
stain is apt to " run," but
with practice this tendency
is soon overcome. The im-
portant matter, of course,
is the design and its suit-
ability to the medium, and
that is where the artistic
instinct comes into opera-

The formal announcement
made a few weeks ago of Mr.
Joseph Duveen's generous


{Seepreceding article) the erection of a gallery of

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