Studio: international art — 74.1918

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The Goldsmiths College School of Art

who has recently been
elected an Associate of
the Royal Society of
Painter - Etchers, while
Miss M. Brough, in Fes-
tival, reveals a fanciful
sense of rhythmic grace.
Mr. W. A. Narbeth, as
may be seen, for example,
in his Samson pulling
down the Pillars of the
House (p. 119), is a young
etcher of imagination,
vigorous designing power,
and real expressive im-

In the lithography class
Mr. Sullivan encourages
his pupils to work as
much as possible upon
>*H the stone, which they

IliilWK are tau§ht t0 prepare

for themselves; while,
in learning the tradi-
tional practice of the
medium, they are ini-
tiated into a valuable
novelty in technique of
their master's invention.
This is a method of
making an autographic
Miss Doris Davis gives evidence in ber Red Cross white chalk drawing upon the stone. Before
Garden Party, and still more, perhaps, in a this, of course, white chalk effects had been
charming little plate, Half Term Holiday—a imitated laboriously, but Mr. Sullivan's pro-
group of children on high ground watching an cess, while absolutely autographic, is very
aeroplane over distant London—of a gift for simple. A drawing is made on the stone
the essential expression of a scene, with good with ordinary blackboard chalk. Then a sheet
etching quality. Miss Katherine O. Lack, of indiarubber blanket, or American cloth, or,
particularly in two plates, Early Doors, repro- failing either, stout smooth paper, is rolled up
duced, and Petticoat Lane, shows how, in well- thinly, but evenly, with re-transfer ink, and this
considered design, and with keen observation, is laid, with the prepared surface downwards,
she can depict vivaciously the typical aspects of upon the stone, which is then run through the
incident and character in the crowded hours of press. The stone is afterwards gummed, etched,
East End life. Miss Winifred Daniels's vividly and printed in the usual manner. The chalk,
expressive Saturday Night shows that she too wherever it is, intercepts the re-transfer ink,
finds happy suggestion in the same picturesque and prevents it touching the stone ; but all the
quarter of our London. A vivacious humour unchalked parts receive it, and will print any
informs the clever designs of Miss Molly Camp- colour that is applied to them. I have seen a
bell, whether her subject be a sale room, a clever wintry landscape done at the school with
gambling hall, or a crowd rushing for shelter on this process by Mrs. Alfred Sutro, but this
a raid night, or to board an omnibus. A important, though simple, addition to the
charming and delicate fantasy and technique lithographer's technique merits wider publicity
distinguish the etchings of Miss Doris Boulton, than the school-work can afford.


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