Studio: international art — 74.1918

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The Paintings of Niels M. Lund

THE PAINTINGS OF THE LATE picturesque obviousness would be dispelled by

NIEI S M LUND ^le discovery °* justifying qualities of true

painters' vision and expressive art. There was

WHEN, a couple of years ago, it never any suggestion of artistic cheapness in the
became known that Niels Lund, distinction which won for his landscapes, with
in the prime and vigour of life, their virile thoroughness of painting, draughts-
had died suddenly of heart- manship, and composition, prominence and
failure, the news was received with a shock of favour in the exhibitions of the Royal Academy
widespread regret. It was felt poignantly that and the Salon.

there had gone from us a man of engaging Niels Moller Lund was regarded always as a

personality, sympathetic nature, and sincerity Newcastle man, and there, in the city on the

of character, and a painter of attractive and Tyne, the nobler pictorial aspects of which he

distinguished quality, from whom much was had recorded in more than one notable canvas,

still to be expected in the revelation of pictorial they showed their local pride in his achievement

beauty. With his unassuming gentle manner by a memorial exhibition of his pictures at the

and his genial vein of quiet, humour, Lund struck Laing Art Gallery. But he was really a Dane,

one at first meeting as a thoroughly likeable Faaborg, in Funen, was his birthplace, and by

fellow, but one could. not help feeling that the the waters of the Little Belt he passed the first

deeper essentials of genuine comradeship were four years of his childhood. Then his father

there for the easy finding. So with his art. came over to England and started business as

If his pictures had that about thern of pictorial a shipping agent at Newcastle, which thus

attractiveness which airested the eye with a became the place of the boy's bringing-up.

ready sense of admiration, any distrust of On leaving school he went into his father's office,

"chepstow castle"

LXXIV No. 305.—August 1918

by niels m. lund

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