Studio: international art — 74.1918

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The JVater-Colours of Horace Mann Livens

THE WATER-COLOURS OF HORACE drawing—a painter excellent in his handling of

MANN LIVENS. BY SIR FREDERICK the brush- but a Painter in to° low a tone- 0n

WEDMORE leaving Flanders he had much to remember,

and certainly something to forget. Probably

THE singularly masculine personality his own character actually reinforced the sound

of Mr. Horace Mann Livens has moved traditions of his school—prevented him, amongst

amongst us, more or less, in London, other things, from making bids for popularity ;

for a good score of years. Fully for that " playing to the gallery"—" the

that time must have elapsed since Mr. Livens gallery " which it is the first and the last

finished a two years' stay in Antwerp, whither business of painters and of writers, quite as

he had been drawn by the reputation of the much as of comedians, wholly and for ever to

Antwerp Academy and of its then conspicuous disregard. Since those first days—which were

teacher, Professor Charles Verlat. Antwerp as far from being of a kind to prepare the way for

a place of academic training was probably to them—Mr. Livens has not been vouchsafed

some extent overrated ; or possibly the good dazzling successes. But slowly and surely he

results of its teaching may not always have been has established a position ; has won the com-

revealed with quite the customary promptitude, mendation of the soundly judging—more than

Antwerp was not a school for the acquirement of that, he has proved magnetic, nothing less than

the lighter graces ; but there was thoroughness magnetic, to the natures framed to understand

•of practice, very sound training, and the fair him. Nor is this at all entirely owing to his slow

chance that the equipment afforded would end though certain acquisition of a colour-sense which

by releasing the real individuality of the student, ends by being not much less notable than his

Livens returned from Antwerp an expert in draughtsmanship. The language of his mature

"pinner church"

XXXIV. No. 306.—September 1918

water-colour by h. mann livens
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