Waagen, Gustav Friedrich
Treasures of art in Great Britain: being an account of the chief collections of paintings, drawings, sculptures, illuminated mss., etc. (Supplement): Galleries and cabinets of art in Great Britain — London, 1857

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Letter II.




National Gallery — Florentine, Umbrian, Paduan, Venetian schools, &c. —
Lord Elcho's collection —■ Lord Yarborongli's collection — Mr. Barker's
collection — Tuscan and Umbrian schools — Book of Drawings by Man -
tegna—Collection of Marquis of Hertford — Italian, Spanish, French,
Netherlandish, and English schools — Grosvenor Gallery — Mr. Baring's
collection — Florentine, Roman, Bolognese, Venetian, French, Early Ger-
man and Netherlandish, Flemish, Dutch, and English schools — Mr.
Holford's collection'—Lord Ward's collection'—Collection of H. Danby
Seymour, Esq. — Collection of Right Hon. Henry Labouchere —Mr. Mor-
rison's collection — Sir Charles Eastlake's pictures — Mr. Sackville Bale's
collection— Sir John Soane's collection.

Vol. I. p. 315.

In the two years that have elapsed since the publication of my
work, the National Gallery has been enriched by legacies from
Lord Colborne and Mr. Rogers, and by very important pur-
chases. The latter give evidence of a systematic plan which
every lover of art will gladly recognise, namely, that of supplying
to the Gallery those schools and periods which have hitherto been
wanting, and which alone can contribute to give it the complete-
ness worthy of so great and wealthy a nation. With this view
admirable works of the great Italian masters of the 15th century—-
of Perugino—Mantegna—Giovanni Bellini—upon whose shoulders
Raphael, Titian, and Correggio may be said to have been
upraised—have been obtained. How difficult also it is to pro-
cure pictures of this class at the present day no one can better
appreciate than myself, to whom, as regards a public gallery, a
similar task has been assigned.

I proceed to consider the new pictures in the same order of
schools as in my book.

the florentine school.

Benozzo Gozzoli.—Altarpiece. The Virgin enthroned,
holding the Child standing on her lap. Behind her are four
angels. At the sides are John the Baptist, with SS. Zenobio,
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