Waagen, Gustav Friedrich
Treasures of art in Great Britain: being an account of the chief collections of paintings, drawings, sculptures, illuminated mss., etc. (Supplement): Galleries and cabinets of art in Great Britain — London, 1857

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Letter IX.




Objects of art in Edinburgh — Archaeological Society — the Antiquarian
Museum — Pictures, &c, belonging to Lord Murray — Pictures belonging
to James Gibson Craig, Esq. — Works of art belonging to Mr. Playfair —
Gainsborough belonging to Robert Graham, Esq.-—Gainsborough belong-
ing to Major Mair — Collection of pictures at Dalkeith Palace — Collec-
tion at Gosford, seat of Lord Wemyss — Pictures at Marchmont House,
seat of Sir Hugh Hume Campbell — Collection at Broom Hall, seat of
Lord Elgin — Objects of art at Rossie Priory, seat of Lord Kinnaird —
Objects of art at Keir, seat of William Stirling, Esq. — Collection at Dun-
more Park — M'Lellan Gallery, Glasgow— Collection at Both well Castle.


(Vol. HI. p. 266.)

An invitation to attend the meeting of the Archaeological So-
ciety in Edinburgh, in 1856, led me to visit this beautiful city for
the second time, when the impression it made upon me was quite
as great as at first, a sure sign that its beauties are of no ordinary
kind. Meanwhile a grand and appropriate museum has been
raised on the mound behind the Royal Institution for the reception
of objects of art, in the apartments of which, lighted from above,
the temporary but rich and interesting Archaeological Exhibition
wras held.

As respects pictures, one important acquisition has been made
in a specimen of that great and rare master LlClNlO Regillo,
called II Pordenone, the rival of Titian. It is a picture of con-
siderable size, representing the Adoration of the Kings, and was
formerly in Edinburgh, in the collection of Lord Eldin. It agrees
in composition, and in most other respects, with a picture of the
same subject in Burleigh House, in which I first identified this
master, and is in excellent preservation.

the antiquarian museum.

Mr. James Gibson Craig was the first to call my attention to
this institution. I found a large room, and an ante-room, con-
taining a considerable collection of early Scotch and Roman, and
loading ...